Number of Yoga followers is inclining because yoga is all about training your mind to remain fit. It helps in detoxifying bodies and gives you sure-shot results. We conduct yoga sessions.

Weight Lifting

Our weight lifting sessions are meant for giving you a toned and muscular body devoid of any flab. If you have sagging skin, try out our weight lifting sessions.


We train you to use treadmill optimally. Most of the people do not use it properly and hence fail to lose weight. We conduct running sessions for fast weight loss.


It is an African dance which results in the fastest weight loss. We conduct Zumba dance sessions for those who aim to get rid of body fat quickly.

Fitness Phobia
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Fitness Phobia

Best Gym in Janakpuri - With an aim to train you the best in keeping a fit and fine body, we have come into being. We make efforts to make your work outs a super fun for you so that you enjoy the process of losing weight and building muscles. If you are a health freak and know the importance of being healthy, we are there for you.

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